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About Pearson Limo Team

In the area of Southern Ontario, Canada, Pearson Limo Team is one of the limousine services that is most exclusive and is also known to be the largest GTA. Based on our last year statistics, there were total 100,000 rides provided by us and feel proud of ourselves in maintaining the 99.99% rate associated with customer satisfaction. Here is the major fact which makes us to believe that we not just provide a Ride but more than that.


Whenever you make us a call, we face no issues in answering your call. A high priority would be given by our dispatchers that are highly trained. They would also receive your call and be in a great position to handle it–24 hours a day, every week and whole year around.  


We have a philosophy that is for everyone. What does that mean? Whenever any uneven situation develops, a best of effort is made in handling it an expeditious manner. We are not reactive but proactive. A back-up plan is always there even when situations change. If a need for ride is there in the last minute, we can easily accommodate our customers. We station different number of cars on the shifts consisting of eight hour duration. We select strategic locations in this regard all the entire areas of GTA, such as Campbellsville, Mississauga and Oakville. The inclusion of three major airports is even there. We try our best in reaching before you in case of a situation if there is a diversion towards other airport.


Our organization was established in 2013 with a strong belief that can would provide superior level of limo service to our customers on consistent basis. The competitiveness nature of Pearson Limo Team market is quite high. However, we assure that in comparison with all other companies, we are indeed quite better.


We understand the need for best practices that must be carried out for limo service at Toronto Airport. Our aim is to look for strong commitment towards services that we provide to the customers in the whole domain of our company.  


We are always exploring different ways to bring significant improvement in operations regarding our Limo service business. Our aim is to simplify things for you. We would always ensure that with the help of our efforts that your family must bear fruitful results thus benefitting them in the most effective way.


Other than the special events or occasions, we also provide Airport Pick-Up and Drop Services, Corporate Services and Niagara Falls Tour.       


We would make all efforts in impressing you after establishing the first contact till the time we would be glad in dropping you off at your desired destination. We are quite sure you would be impressed by our courteous and professional staff. We would want our dependable and safe service to make a very memorable and comfortable journey of yours. You can indeed expect the best possible outcome after selecting us to meet your needs associated with luxury traveling.



Chauffer’s has the highest value amongst the staff we hire for business operations. Basically, they are recognized to be ones who provides you maximum care. The focus of the chauffer’s hired at our company is to remain customer-focused. Their driving records is excellent, and do not have any criminal records at all. They even possess professional attitude. The drivers are always dressed in proper suiting which is a good sign for the customers. Dressing matters a lot in this profession. Most importantly, they are ready to provide any kind of assistance to their customers.   



We have a strong level of pride in ourselves because we make rigorous efforts in maintaining good quality of our vehicles. We give our best of efforts in ensuring all our entire fleet of Pearson Limo are not just maintained but even sanitized for daily use. We have gained efficiency in the provision of vehicles having latest models as they are not just clean but reliable and safe as well. Whether a need is there to rent out a Pearson Limo for a surprise 30th birthday or making a booking for our service, you would be quite impressed by not just with our quality of service but also with our range of vehicles.



We are regular in performing routine maintenance checkups on all the vehicles for our customers. The service of full car wash is even available on the site. We have fully permitted licenses and are known as operators having complete insurance with organizations such as Greater Toronto Airport Authority and even City of Toronto. It can be said it is very much necessary for all vehicles in passing an annual inspection which is quite rigorous but an important requirement to be part of our fleet. Furthermore, we always make efforts in updating our fleet, based on the needs of industry associated with Toronto’s transportation. We make sure that the life span of 5 years must be fulfilled whenever it is possible. We would like to serve you next time when you would look forward to have a luxurious ride in our vehicle.     

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